Deaths by Drug Overdose 2013-2015

To create this data set, I compiled data from a few different sources, mainly the CDC and the Census Bureau. Below you will find some links to the original data sources and a few other resources that talk about how statistics like these are calculated for geographic areas.

How to Use This Map

You can interact with this map in several ways. First, you can use the time slider or the filter options to alter the visualization itself. The time slider controls which year of the data set is represented on the map, which the "Statistical Filters" control which subset of data is displayed for that year. The "Color Scale Filters" alter the scale used to color the chloropleth (fancy word for colored map). This can lead to some interesting discussions about how to best visually represent statistical phenomena. If you want additional details about an individual state, you can click on it to populate the "State Details" table.

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